Brilliant Fund

NGO Mondo Brilliant Fund was created to support students and promote education in the destination countries of Mondo. In the framework of the Brilliant Fund, a donor can either make a yearly fixed donation of €50 for a primary school child, of €100 for a special needs child in Ghana or Kenya, or to make a single donation of selected sum into the joint fund, which we use to support education of vocational–, secondary–, and boarding school students, and schools in Ghana, Kenya, Burma, and Afghanistan.

Supported children in primary school
NGO Mondo has supported the education of primary school children in Ghana since 2009, and in Kenya since 2011. Supported children in primary school are from families that suffer from extreme poverty, and therefore student performance records are not taken into consideration when choosing participants for the program. The children are chosen upon joint consensus between women’s associations that participate in our development cooperation program and the board of our partner organization. We support children from as many families and regions as possible to decrease the school-related financial burden of as many families as possible. Every child has a fixed supporter in Estonia, who receives information about the child’s well-being through Mondo. Every year, approximately 200-240 children go to school in the Kongo village of northern Ghana, and the Shianda village of western Kenya thanks to support from Estonians.
Supported children in vocational–, secondary–, and boarding schools
Since tuition for secondary school is quite expensive in the context of the local life (from €150 a year, depending on the school), then children from extremely poor families or orphans cannot continue their education after primary school without help from outside. Since 2013, we offer an opportunity to continue their studies in a secondary or a vocational school to those Ghanaian and Kenyan children, who have graduated from primary school with the help of Mondo’s support program with exceptional results. In the 2015/2016 school year, 23 Ghanaian, and 20 Kenyan secondary school students continued their studies with support from the Brilliant Fund. In 2016, we also expanded the support of the Brilliant Fund to Burma, where five village children from an ethnic minority in the Shan State have an opportunity to live in a boarding house built by a partner organization of Mondo, and continue their studies in the Namlan High School.


According to need and the amount of collected donations, we direct the money from the Brilliant Fund to other countries of destination, too – for example, in 2016 we collected money for the Fatima Zahra School for Girls in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, a school that has been kept up and running with aid from the Estonian development cooperation funds since 2012.


To receive support from the Brilliant Fund, a student has to file an application, which is to be reviewed by Mondo in cooperation with a local partner. Support is above all given to students in extremely severe financial situation, whose academic skills are exceedingly good. In accordance with each state’s education system we have set up criteria by which applications are reviewed. In Ghana and Kenya, the yearly average amount paid per child is €120, in Burma it is €200.


We collect donations into the Mondo Brilliant Fund from private donors, by organizing fundraising events or concerts, and donations made by business organizations where Estonian students have worked in the framework of Mondo’s good deed workday.


What happens after one becomes a supporter

In Ghana, the school year begins in September, just as in Estonia, in Kenya it starts in January, but in Burma, it starts in June. Since supporting a primary school child is long-term in its nature, after filling in the registration form, we kindly ask new supporters to conclude a monthly standing payment order agreement at their bank with a selected period length that starts at August 1. We recommend to conclude an open-ended agreement that does not require renewal, but that can be terminated at all times. To do so, the “valid until” section should be left empty. We send a letter containing the supported child’s photo and information to all new supporters each fall. Supporters can send letters to their supported children with Mondo’s volunteers and employees who visit the destination country. The supporter will receive an email about the delivery of such letters. Since it often happens that the service providers direct newsletters into the “junk” mailbox, it is wise to check from time to time if an email from the address has not ended up in that mailbox.


Supporting vocational- secondary-, or boarding school students requires a single payment, and we collect them all year round. We announce the students about them being selected to be recipients of the Brilliant Fund support money, and distribute the allotted money in September-October (Ghana), January (Kenya), and June (Burma). Every year, we announce the names and pictures of the chosen children on our Facebook page:

Farida (22), a third year student in the Munanga High, graduated from Lureko Primary in 2009 with very good examination results. After that, she studied at Munanga High for two years, but her parents could not afford paying tuition, and for the next two years, the girl could not attend. Farida is the eldest child in her family, and has 8 younger siblings. Her mother is a farmer, and her father is a mechanic.

In the 2016/2017 school year,

5 children from the Shan State

can attend a boarding school in Burma with aid from the Brilliant Fund

In the 2015/2016 school year,

23 Ghanaian teens

could continue their education
with aid from the Brilliant Fund

In the 2015/2016 school year,

20 Kenyan teens

could continue their secondary school studies
with aid from the Brilliant Fund


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