High healthcare officials of Helmand province familiarize themselves with the Estonian healthcare system

In the framework of development cooperation project carried out by NGO Mondo and co-financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs two high healthcare officials of Helmand province came to Estonia for two-week visit.

During their visit the Health Advisor to the Province Governor and the Director of the Province Central Hospital will be familiarized with work of Estonian hospitals and vocational training of medical personnel. The programme of their visit include hospitals in Tallinn, Tartu and Haapsalu, meeting with officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and discussions with NGO Mondo experts how Estonia can more fruitfully contribute to rising effectiveness of vocational training of health workers in Helmand.

The aim of the development cooperation project “Establishing of health workers’ vocational training in Helmand Province of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” is to launch the system of vocational training in Helmand Province. The project target group are employees of the provincial health board and health institutions. The project launches vocational training of health workers by establishing a training centre and support to the nurses and midwives’ school. The project is realised through the Helmand provincial health board and is supported by the Estonian health expert in Afghanistan.

NGO Mondo has been implementing different projects in healthcare field in Helmand for almost 2 years. Since March 2009 Mondo has deployed to Helmand its health expert Anu Raisma, who in addition to Estonian development cooperation projects coordinates whole healthcare sector in the international Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). If last year Mondo was focusing on material and technical support, now main accent is made at vocational training and population education in healthcare field. >>Details of the project<<




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