Launch of health-related adults training in Helmand Province of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The project aim is to launch health-related adults training in Helmand Province of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The project target group are women of the province, both as trainers and trainees. The project will start first aid training in the communities Lashkar Gah, Gereshk and Musa Qalah and in a training centre in Lashkar Gah. Trainees will receive first aid manuals in Pushtu as well as first aid kits specially tailored for households. The project is realised through the local project coordinators, female doctors and the Women Affairs Centre in Lashkar Gah and is supported by the Estonian health expert in Afghanistan.

As a main project outcome NGO Mondo sees improvement of the awareness and real skills of the first aid, especially among female population, through establishment and launch of the first aid training system. Other project objectives include:

  • establishment of training capacity for female health workers in Helmand province;
  • establishment of training network for adults, especially for females, thus involving them into social activity;
  • distribution of tailor-made first aid kits for households and first aid manuals in Pushtu;
  • rising efficiency of the Estonian development cooperation.

The project will last until August 2011.

The project is financed from the development cooperation and humanitarian aid fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

Project manager – Gert Teder, Member of the Board of NGO Mondo,




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