Target groups for the NGO Mondo Global Education Centre project “Teach MDGs” are teacher training lecturers and students, active teachers and students. The project is carried out in cooperation with partners from Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Scotland. Project website: www.teachmdgs.net
Project goals:
• To support the integration of Millennium Development Goals into the educational system of Estonia and other partner countries
• To increase awareness among teachers, students and professors about the general development issues of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Millennium Development Goals.
• Developing MDG study materials taking different age groups into consideration
• “TeachMDGs” Summer School for teachers
• Courses for teacher training professors and instructors, students and active teachers in the topics of MDG and global education
• School campaigns
• Friendship schools in Europe and Africa
• “TeachMDGs” symposium
How can you join the project?
Are you interested in global education and the Millennium Development Goals? Are you a teacher? Student? Teacher training professor? Participate in our activities and join our team! We are always looking for motivated and active teachers, professors, teacher training students, students, NGO members who are experienced in the field of MDG and all other active and interested people! There are different ways for you to participate in the project – either in the study material development phase by becoming an instructor and bringing global points of view to your school and classroom or participating in trainings and establishing a cooperation partnership with the school… we are open to new ideas on how to introduce the Millennium Development Goals in schools! Take a look at our action plan, perhaps you will find something in the nearer future that interests you! Send us an email and we will provide you with specific information on how you can help and participate in our activities. You can also subscribe to the Global School newsletter and receive regular information about our activities and training possibilities.
Contact person: Johanna Helin, NGO Mondo Global Education Centre, johanna[at]mondo.org.ee




estonian world: Estonians popping up in Uganda – the story of Pop Up Kampala


One would not expect to find an Estonian-run café in East Africa. Yet, it turns out that there is at least one — Pop Up Café in Kampala, Uganda. A cafeteria with a small garden in Ntinda area of Kampala, where people can enjoy self-roasted coffee and delicious meals. But what makes this place more unique is the